1Fearless Seed Fearless SeedSam ObafemiHaving struggled with low self-esteem issues for so many years and over time developed a huge belief in myself and my competencies, it was only appropriate to put together the tools and lessons I have learnt into a document that the entire races of the earth would utilise. Fearless Seed is a pilgrim’s tool for finishing best. We all have life throw jabs at us. Many of us have been slighted, humiliated, abused,raped, misled, disbelieved, deprived, and in fact, most of us had problems first believing in our own capacity to rule our world. This book is a spirit-empowered bouquet that will overhaul your subconscious person onto physical fulfilment. This tool staggers its holder’s beliefs and guarantees a new birth all over again. This is a money-back guarantee: you will not be the same after reading this book.  Downl. Preview
2So You Call Yourself a Writer? So You Call Yourself a Writer?Emeka NobisOh geez! That’s the scary part. What have I got to say to introduce you to the thoughts I let loose on these pages? Sometimes we don’t just have anything to splash on a blank page. That’s how scary it can be. Life is like that. So we deal with it. Well, here’s introducing you to the introduction page. The introduction page says there’s something you can grab from the pages your mind is about to eat. Apart from all the introductory words, introducing you to the introduction page, here’s something serious for you. I haven’t yet ascended to the enclave of the ‘perfects’. So if you find a dot that is out of place or a misspelled word (that escaped the geeky eyes of my editor), do let me know (email me!). If it was worth your while, send a “thumbs up!” It wasn’t, and you felt like throwing it into the trash can, do let me know also. Yeah, that’s it. I’m done with the introduction. Now it remains the savouring part. So eat. Get filled. Get rewarded.  Downl. Preview
3Office Palaver Office PalaverAkpe Emmanuel C.Office Palaver is a twenty chapter book that outlines how to manage work related stress. The author had some stress inducing challenges in 2012 that really affected his health. This led him to embark on a 2 year research to ascertain what causes work stress and how our body reacts to it. His discoveries are mind blowing and are worthy of note. Reading this book will enable you manage work stress effectively and stay on top of your game.  Downl. Preview
4My Valleys My ValleysMr Sam ObafemiMy Valleys is a 10 chapter work that chronicles the journey of the author from being in paid employment until he became settled in self employment. It is triggered by the testimony that only after 4 years, his last employer hosted him t assist the topmost decision making body to make strategic thinking decisions for peak performance. This book is many things in one; a testimony, an auto-biography, a challenge and a report of progress made within 4 years from being an employee. the author hopes that this book will serve as a tool to positively influence how people undertake decisions that can affect their entire lives.  Downl. Preview