Everybody Loved Roger Harden: Everybody's a Suspect Mystery Series #1 (Heartsong Presents Mysteries #4)(NEW)*

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Psychologist Julie West and Reverend James Burton arrive late for dinner on Palm Island - but just in time to discover their host, millionaire Roger Harden, murdered. Ten possible suspects share closed quarters on the secluded island, all of them with deep secrets and sufficient motive to have wanted the wealthy benefactor dead. Can Julie and Burton ignore the mysterious attraction developing between them long enough to discover who among them didn't love Roger Harden enough to let him live? Book Width:420rn Book Height:90rn Book Weight:10rn Book Lenght:670
Author[s]: Cecil Murphey
Isbn: 1597894788
Author: Cecil Murphey
Category: Motivational»Personal Development
Pages: 176
Publisher Barbour Publishing, Inc