Experiencing LeaderShift Together Leader's Guide with DVD: A Step-by-Step Strategy for Small Groups and Ministry Teams(NEW)*

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Fueled by the drive to be bigger and better, today's church has adopted principles and practices created by the corporate world. The result is a toxic mix of the spiritual and the secular, where success is measured in numbers and pastors are encouraged to become CEO superstars.  Experiencing LeaderShift offered insight into some of the heresies churches have mistakenly embraced. Now you can continue your voyage away from the marketplace mentality with Experiencing LeaderShift Together, a groundbreaking resource for equipping people and building ministries. Experience how this powerful resource can impact your life, leadership and ministry. This Leader's Guide is designed to assist you in equipping your team and building your ministry so that it functions as God intended. In six sessions you will help your team discover: The Zone of God's Anointing God's Plan for the Church The Role of  the Equipper The Role of the Server Why We Need to Get it Right Team Ministry Included is a dynamic six-session DVD that highlights these key concepts and principles. With flexible structure and content, these six DVD sessions can be completed in 6 meetings or stretched to make an 18-week comprehensive course. Take your team members to a new level in their service. Take your ministry to a new leveling its effectiveness.  Learn how to do it TOGETHER! Related Products: Experiencing Leadershift Author and leading speaker on leadership issues within the church, Don Cousins presents an essential guide for rescuing the church from a marketplace mentality. learn more » Experiencing Leadershift Application Guide with DVD The Experiencing LeaderShift Application Guide moves ministry leaders from program planning to people equipping so all those in the body of Christ are making God famous by being faithful, fruitful and fulfilled. learn more » Experiencing Leadership Together Participant's Guide Experiencing LeaderShift Together is a curriculum designed to guide ministry teams through the core principles of LeaderShift. learn more » Book Width:690rn Book Height:50rn Book Weight:45rn Book Lenght:880
Author[s]: Don Cousins
Isbn: 1434768120
Author: Don Cousins
Category: Motivational»Leadership
Pages: 160
Publisher David C. Cook