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Paradise Regained Here is a book that will sound very familiar to your own battle against the enemy. But this battle will show you how to WIN! Paradise Regained is a sequel to the classic epic Paradise Lost. Author John Milton centers on satan's temptation of Christ in the wilderness and is based on Luke's Gospel account of Jesus' 40-day experience. Paradise Regained vividly describes exchanges between the Saviour and His nemesis. To whom our Saviour calmly thus replied:- "Thou neither dost persuade me to seek wealth For empire's sake, nor empire to affect For glory's sake, by all thy argument. For what is glory but the blaze of flam,... Written in the 17th century when the author was completely blind, this book, as with Paradise Lost, is a masterpiece in visual imagery as well as a literary work of art. A fairer Paradise is founded now For Adam and his chosen sons, whom thou, A Saviour, art come down to reinstall; Where they shall dwell secure, when time shall be, Of tempter and temptation without fear.Book Width:600rn Book Height:50rn Book Weight:15rn Book Lenght:880
Author[s]: John Milton
Isbn: 0768425603
Author: John Milton
Category: Religion»Christianity
Pages: 162
Publisher Destiny Image