Out Of A Deep Pit(NEW)*

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Three times, Harold Jones was delivered from a deep and horrible pit. The inevitable life-sentence that his father and grandfather served before him in the dark, dank coalmines of South Wales was exchanged for service in the British Navy and the war leading up to D-Day. He was fearless during battles as a fully trained gunner, yet those weapons were powerless when he needed rescuing from a supernatural force that sought to use his personal tragedies to bring him down to the pits of hell. Dark power filled Harold's mind with fear he had not known on the battlefield. It threatened to drown him in a black, bottomless void. Yet God believed in Harold and had bigger things for him. This incredible story of a WWII soldier, survivor and missionary who overcame extraordinary circumstances to climb his way out of a deep pit" will inspire readers to trust in God and never give up.Book Width:540rn Book Height:70rn Book Weight:65rn Book Lenght:840
Author[s]: Trudee Hunter
Isbn: 0981764312
Author: Trudee Hunter
Category: Religion»Christianity
Pages: 250
Publisher HighWay