Revolutionary Freedom: Anointed to Set the Captives Free: The Declaration of Isaiah(NEW)*

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Releasing the Captives is a prophetic journey presenting an unseen captivity that holds Christians back from the purposes and calling God has for their lives.  A spiritually thought-provoking voyage into a prison where a prisoner’s mind binds his body with chains that only he can break by focusing on Jesus. The prisoner encounters the Lord, the Warden (satan), apostle Paul, Peter, Mary Magdalene, and Abraham. The prison scenes are vivid and the bondages that keep believers from being completely free are brutally true and will stir your spirit and soul. Presented in a refreshingly unique way, new as well as seasoned Christians will be shocked into realizing that they are imprisoning themselves day after day, year after year—falling as easy prey to satan’s deceptions and evil ploys.   You will learn how to: See yourself and others through God’s eyes. Avoid traps and lies of the enemy. Live outside of the bondages that grow comfortable. Walk forward with the Lord, not turn back to previous cycles. Live out the testimony of Jesus to release captives.   You can leave behind the chains of judgment, the bars of unbelief, and the walls of your past to join Jesus and hear God’s voice, creating a new closeness with the Lord.Book Width:rn Book Height:rn Book Weight:rn Book Lenght:
Author[s]: Joey LeTourneau
Isbn: 9780768489606
Author: Joey LeTourneau
Category: Religion»Christianity
Pages: 226
Publisher Destiny Image