Shadowmancer: What can stand against an ancient evil. . .(NEW)*

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Obadiah Demurral no longer wants to worship God...He wants to be God! Vicar Obadiah Demurral isn't satisfied running the affairs of his village—he foolishly wants to control the world.  And if his plan works, he will obtain a weapon so powerful that all of creation will fall down at his feet.  Demurral will stop at nothing—even commanding restless souls to do his bidding. Who will stand against him?  Raphah, a young man on a godly mission, has come a long distance to reclaim the ancient relic Demurral has stolen—dangerously volatile in the wrong hands—but he can't do it alone.  Even younger are Thomas and Kate, accidentally drawn into this ongoing war between good and evil.  Their struggle against Demurral brings them face-to-face with the powers of darkness in this unforgettable epic battle.  G.P. Talyor's first novel takes readers on a breathtaking voyage, full of suspense and intrigue, where fallen angels and demonic forces come in the night and where the ultimate sacrifice might even be life itself.Book Width:590rn Book Height:110rn Book Weight:120rn Book Lenght:910
Author[s]: G.P. Taylor
Isbn: 1591856132
Author: G.P. Taylor
Category: Others»Fiction
Pages: 275
Publisher Charisma House