Star Maths Tools Year 2(NEW)*

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Accessible maths tools to help you structure your interactive maths teaching. Involve your children in teaching and learning with opportunities for whole class, group, paired and individual work Whole class maths tools on CD-ROM, including interactive number track, sets of cuisenaire rods, weighing scales and a number fan. The 10 tools enable you to develop a rich bank of teaching activities. Easy-to-use tools, suitable for all interactive whiteboards. Highly-flexible tools - tweak for different ability levels. Helps you to work across a range of learning objectives for each year group.Book Width:803rn Book Height:24rn Book Weight:49rn Book Lenght:1150
Author[s]: Julie Cogill
Isbn: 1407101986
Author: Julie Cogill
Category: Children»Education
Pages: 48
Publisher Scholastic