Taste Berries for Teens #4: Short Stories and Encouragement on Being Cool, Caring and Courageous (Taste Berries Series)(NEW)*

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A return to the award-winning Taste Berries for Teens formula that has sold almost one million copies. "I once struggled with math. Then a math teacher, Mrs. Jacobson, came along and believed in me when I couldn't. It was a taste berry action that changed my life." Danica McKellar, actress from TV's The Wonder Years and The West Wing Bettie and Jennifer Youngs are back with a new book in their award-winning series. Like the taste berry (a little fruit that convinces your taste buds that all food is delicious, no matter how bitter) these inspirational stories will encourage teens to deal with a variety of subjects that focus on being accepted and cool without compromising values. This is great inspiration, straight from one teen to another. Chapters include: Being cool-even when you feel nerdy! Love and its lessons Being a courageous human being Believing in yourself and valuing your individuality Holding your heart when you've lost a Mom or Dad Book Width:rn Book Height:rn Book Weight:rn Book Lenght:
Author[s]: Bettie B. Youngs
Isbn: 9780757312649
Author: Bettie B. Youngs
Category: Children»Education
Pages: 424
Publisher HCI Teens