The Big Cell: History Makers--Your Mission from God(NEW)*

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The Big Cell is material specifically designed for children aged 8–12 to use in peer-led cells, with the help and advice of a wise adult. The Big Cell recognises that leadership ability is evident in young people even before they hit adolescence and their teen years. Few, however, are really given the chance to exercise the gifts God has given them, to take a lead and to rely on God in new ways. Cells are one way in which children can take on leadership and responsibility in ‘bite-sized chunks’ with the covering and support of a ‘Wise Person’. You may have a group of children who you know are ready for this challenge or a group who still need an adult’s supervision, but are ready to be given a chance to lead. You may just be looking for new material to use with your children’s group. This material can be used in a cell group situation, whether led by children or adults. Although the material is a curriculum programme, the aim is for cell values to be imparted such as member care, participation by all and discovering gifting. The material uses the Four Ws structure now used around the world in cell churches. 'History Makers' is designed to make children aware of God's big plan of history and help them to become active in discovering how they can fit in to His plan. They can connect into His mission to rescue planet earth. When the children get to know God and make him known, watch out world!Book Width:803rn Book Height:31rn Book Weight:49rn Book Lenght:1150
Author[s]: Andy Kennedy
Isbn: 1850785147
Author: Andy Kennedy
Category: Children»Education
Pages: 48
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