The New Normal: Experiencing the Unstoppable Move of God(NEW)*

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Off with the old—on with the New! Dramatically deals with two of the most relevant components in history—the Kingdom of God and the phenomenon of revival. The New Normal is a frank and passionate exhortation to live in the atmosphere of daily God-moments. Such a lifestyle is eminently possible because “revival is, at its core, a continual awareness of the reality and manifestation of the Kingdom of God.”  Personally relevant and biblically sound, you will learn:   What your life would be like if you accepted a “new normal.”   About past and present moves of God.  The difference between church-level and Kingdom-level living.  The nature of the rule and reign of God in your life.  How and why God is still healing people today. You will be encouraged and challenged by personal experiences, relevant Scripture, and credible research about great men and women of God who have cast off religious ideas of success and respectability and forsaken all in pursuit of the fullness of Jesus and His Kingdom. The Kingdom of God is truly here and now. If you are hungry to develop a continual awareness of “the manifested reality of the invisible” realm and to live a revived life, The New Normal will train you and inspire you into a beautiful future.Book Width:rn Book Height:rn Book Weight:rn Book Lenght:
Author[s]: Mark Wyatt
Isbn: 9780768488746
Author: Mark Wyatt
Category: Religion»Christianity
Pages: 192
Publisher Destiny Image