The Tale of Bushy the Fox (Enid Blyton's Popular Rewards Series 9)(NEW)*

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Bushy the red fox gets up to all sortsof mischief in this entertaining story collection from Enid Blyton. Find out all about him plus the tales of the very strange hat, the time Mr Smick decoded to play a little trick and the story of the clever old budgie who outwitted everyone. You'll be laughing on every page. Other stories in this volume: Do Hurry Up, Mr Twinks! Mother Winkyn's Washing The Enchanter's Poker Simple Simon Makes a Mistake Tinker-dog and Prince A Surprise for Molly and many more...Book Width:496rn Book Height:87rn Book Weight:57rn Book Lenght:732
Author[s]: Enid Blyton
Isbn: 1841354791
Author: Enid Blyton
Category: Children»Story Books
Pages: 192
Publisher Award Publications Ltd