You First, Me Second: Getting to the Heart of Social Responsibility(NEW)*

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You have more to offer the world than you realize. Have you ever wondered what you have to give to those in need around you? Would you believe that you already possess everything you need to have a major impact on your community? In You First, Me Second Pam Erickson gives you the definitive guide to finding and using your strengths to help others.   You’ll be inspired by stories of real-life heroes who have changed their communities as the author motivates and equips you to:   ·          Discover your true strengths, passions, and gifts ·          Catch a vision for how you can be an answer to someone else’s prayer ·          Work out a plan for getting involved   The needs around us are enormous and at times they seem overwhelming. But in these pages you will find tools that will empower you to make a real difference. It is possible to bring about positive change in this world. It all begins when you choose to live “you first, me second.”Book Width:rn Book Height:rn Book Weight:rn Book Lenght:
Author[s]: Pam Erickson
Isbn: 9781616389697
Author: Pam Erickson
Category: Motivational»Personal Development
Pages: 255
Publisher Frontline