An Opened Grave: Sherlock Holmes Investigates His Ultimate Case(NEW)*

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In the midst of retirement, Sherlock Holmes is lured into what he believes to be a simple missing-person case. While investigating his new case, an apparent miracle saves his life and causes him to begin to question his own world-view. His client, the lovely and devout Miss Elizabeth Hackberry, off ers him an explanation for the life-saving miracle―an explanation that challenges all that he knows and believes. In his attempt to prove or disprove Miss Hackberry’s belief that God was the One who saved his life, Holmes reaches the conclusion that he must personally investigate the most controversial, ancient mystery of all time―the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. As a result, Holmes and Dr. Watson set out on a dangerous journey to Jerusalem. Along the way they face imprisonment, slavery, starvation, sheiks, and evil spiritual practitioners. An Opened Grave most likely will find its way into the hands of doubting friends and family members of the Christian audience. The story draws us into an ongoing debate between Homes and Watson as they attempt to rule out the impossible, and leave us only with the Truth. Though not intended to be a treatise on apologetics or doctrine, An Opened Grave credibly and respectfully addresses most of the popular and philosophical objections to belief that are held today.Book Width:550rn Book Height:70rn Book Weight:57rn Book Lenght:870
Author[s]: L. Frank James
Isbn: 1934080004
Author: L. Frank James
Category: Religion»Christianity
Pages: 230
Publisher The Salt Works