Why I Fired My Boss: And How You Can Do Same(NEW)*

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There are many people out there trying hard to find a job or trying hard to keep one. Jobs are becoming more elusive and people are losing their jobs at an astronomical rate. What if there was a way to escape this rat race and thrive whatever the environment or economy? There is definitely a way, but it is alien to many people. In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “He who knows how will always have a job, he who knows why will always be the boss.” This book is an invaluable tool of financial education. It will teach you to create your own luck and turn the financial tables in your favourBook Width:500rn Book Height:43rn Book Weight:59rn Book Lenght:800
Author[s]: Kenneth Ogbebor
Isbn: 1523421029
Author: Kenneth Ogbebor
Category: Motivational»Personal Development
Pages: 188
Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform